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The Barrel

Fun, bright and noisy! Light and sound ammunition for the "Wasp" is very effective in the dark. Attacking blinds the brightest flash and stun strong cotton. 15-20 seconds, foes are incapacitated, and then you are unlikely to want to pursue. Summary: The most effective weapon for night walks. One shot will neutralize multiple people. And […]

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Put yourself in the enemy, how would you do in a given situation? Try to count the enemy's actions. But do not naturally completely immersed in this process, the data needs to be designed poverhnostno.V game, there are places where the most is the player of the opposing team. So you sweep this place, or […]

Childhood Development

During the summer there is a situation where the kids need more attention from parents than in any other season ever. This circumstance is directly related mainly to the summer vacations in schools institutions as well as possible non-performing kindergartens. In this regard, the kids begin to experience a deficit in communication. Endless spending time […]