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Anacleto Great

It wrote letters for modinhas, choros ecanes of authors you celebrate of the time, as Anacleto de Medeiros and ErnestoNazar. However, its more famous letter was for Moonlight of the hinterland, modinha deJoo Pernambuco (Joo Teixeira Guimares) that a classic of msicapopular would become. It enters its poem books, it fits to cite My Hinterland […]

Mec Scholarships

To study and to practice English constitute an indispensable part of those who is in the age to prepare itself to enter the work market. For it he is advisable to spend some period of time in the corresponding countries. In this way fluidity in the use of the language is obtained to major while […]

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Aircraft Commanders

The Valencian pilot will run in Moto2 with the MAPFRE Aspar Team. He will do it for the first time in the Great Prize of Holland. Others like the German Katja Poensgen, the Hungarian Nikoletta Kovacs, and the Czech Marketa Janakova, has been precursory in the motociclismo. The MAPFRE Aspar Team will incorporate to their […]