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Tour Operating Packages

Increasingly in recent years by tourists there is a desire to leave the framework of the standard tourist package offered by tour operators. Why does such a desire? Because tour operators offer programs that are on for several years and have enjoyed success in the consumer demand. The fact is that once having been in […]

Evaluating Different Relations

Profiles through DNA technology has come a long way in the last few decades, and now it is possible to identify a number of different biological relationships of a person. Through the use of processes of mate a little deeper than those used in traditional paternity tests, these broader methods available are equally accurate to […]

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Prepaid Internet

For about 10 euros you’ll have an Italian number and a SIM card that you can use in any free GSM phone. I carry two phones on your trip, or you buy one upon your arrival at a cost of 30 euros. If you do not have to pay the roaming in a time of […]

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Our bonsai watering is very important, we will see step by step following some indications and vera as your bonsai will never die you for lack of irrigation. After this article you will learn the basic steps of how you have to water your bonsai. At the station that we have to take more care […]

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Vice President

I do not understand why, in a country with a population mostly Guarani-speaking, the MEC insists on teaching more Spanish. I do not understand why Guarani should be reduced and excluded and Spanish no. I don’t understand why there are other more important than Guarani subjects, requiring more time, more practice. I do not understand […]