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Subject All Terrain Model

The rest of the study material: books, brochures and software laboratory, self-assessment material, tables, graphs, etc., As in all teaching, is the basis for success or failure. In classroom teaching, with a direct and permanent contact with the teacher, can be made on the fly corrections, changes or modifications to both the program and the […]

Client Satisfaction

One of the main goals of CRM is to increase the customer loyalty to the company, brand, products, which should translate into a higher frequency of purchase and/or a greater amount of purchase of the same product or service or other products or services complementary or different. Theory suggests that a loyal and faithful customer […]

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Google Translate

Looking for some tool to translate texts, I found this gem: Client for Google Translate. This desktop application works with the engine of google translation, making necessary to have an internet connection for its operation. Perfectly integrates with any Web browser and other programs for handling text (office, Notepad, dreamweaver, etc), and best of all: […]

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Zara online at Internet clothing store chain marks an interesting milestone in its configuration. The presentation of their articles, well formed which is the relationship between products and prices and of course the support of a consolidated name make it an attractive option. But abound in the virtual world offerings, opportunities and the similar conformations, […]

Logo Design

The most common type of uncomplicated starts logo print. When creating a logo, people turned to symbols of nations, a part of nature, have an ancient history. Since the early nineteenth century, a trademark called small printed bars. To speed up the entry consisting of 2-3 letters. Subsequently became known as the address, commercial logos, […]

Do You Have The Career Management Power It Takes To Survive ?

In a recent survey of over 662 career seekers, some disturbing trends were identified. most career seekers have no idea what career management skills they have or what those skills are! As a result, it will be difficult for these career seekers to succeed. In fact, only 71% of respondents agreed that there was some […]

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Governor Jorge Perez Bernier

Constituted one of the most important news of the past few months for the guajiro undoubtedly the signing of the departmental water Plan, Act which was carried out with the intervention of the Governor Jorge Perez Bernier, the Deputy Minister Leyla Rojas and the Manager of the Empresa de Acueducto y Alcantarillado of Bogota Jorge […]

Flowers At Home

Why send flowers at home? We know that giving flowers is a detail very big with people who receive it. Either we give flowers to a woman who we love or that just like us, give flowers to the family of a deceased person or we give flowers simply by having a detail with someone […]

Choosing Party

The 10 best tips for choosing the place for the party perfect when is find the perfect place for your holiday, is all about location, location, location. Quality, style and atmosphere of the place can make the difference between a fabulous event and worldly one. Think of the place as if it were his guest […]

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Benjamin Franklin

The only means of exit winning in a discussion, is to simply avoid it. If we discuss and argue and disagree, might we achieve some small victories, but they will be a few triumphs empty, because we will not get to gain us the goodwill of the opponent Benjamin Franklin leave us earning our clients, […]