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Ivan Escobar Screenwriter

This television season it will be full of interesting series and all strings have put all the meat on the grill to offer to its viewers the very best of the House. In the case of Antena 3 Tv opt for a blockbuster adventure that embarks on a schooner of 50 metres in length to […]

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Civil Procedure Code

That is, for these authors, the age of codification would be over. However, we believe that there may be different schools or currents in the law that exist in different states simultaneously. As there exegesis while the economic analysis of law. 14. Recoding Recoding a legislative process which is that where a matter left to […]

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State Education

The LOCE was enacted on the 7th of March 1990 and published three days later, aims to set the minimum requirements to be fulfilled in the levels of primary and secondary education, regular the duty of the state to ensure compliance and to regulate the process of official recognition of educational institutions at all levels. […]

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National Education Project

September 5, 2005, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a number of national projects, including "National Education Project>>. Many have not heard about it on the radio or seen the news on tv. So get those also understand, that in general it is that gives us the project The current president, the theses of his rule, […]

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Emotional Education

It tells the student what should be and what to think. The result of this system is that students are rebelling, or make peace. These two attitudes destroy the creativity of children and this also destroys the future of nations. With the “education” that destroyed the leadership suffer and become in effect the circumstances. The […]