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The JasperSoft extend the portfolio solutions to a high-performance presentation layer for the results of the analyses. The topics of predictive analytics and data mining gaining in importance for companies”, explains Heiko Schonfelder, Sales Executive roof at JasperSoft. Currently, predictive analytics is already on the rise. So Gartner predicts 30 per cent of all analytical […]

Setting Goals

Sometimes we set goals, determine for themselves the new direction of development and are waiting for results but the results do not show up in a hurry. You are familiar? Can I just say that it is familiar to me. Let me tell you, as it was for me. The first time I became interested […]

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Since the invention of the first electronic computer scientists all thoughts were focused on the fact that it has increased capacity and decreased size. When a mobile computer can be called a device the size of with the cabinet. Would sit in a time machine and show the people a mini-laptop, or offer to buy […]

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Chevrolet Malibu

The cannibalization in the business world is a phenomenon that is usually desirable, but if it is controlled by the company you may have its advantages the cannibalization is often described as a situation in which the sales of a product cause the reduction in sales of other products by the same company. The concept […]

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Kimplayer Media Players

Personal computers have long been transformed from a digital typewriters in these 'monsters' multimedia. And if still more recently show full-length movies on the PC was not very convenient and qualitative Action, with the advent of DVD and Blu-Ray, LCD and LED displays with the highest resolution, as well as broadband Internet, watching movies at […]