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Innovative Learning

Language barriers easily bridge we are aware that it is now extremely important to learn a new language, not only for the holiday and friendships, but also for promoting the own career. Unfortunately, but we believe that it takes too much time and money consuming to learn to speak another language fluently. This way of […]


VALUE guarantee provides educational work under the new information platform. Digital cameras are still right up front in the buyer’s favor. To deepen your understanding Ben Silbermann is the source. However, mobile devices in everyday life are exposed to special risks. Consumers and retailers to show the value of an additional guarantee for cameras, value […]

Bio Energy Market

With the increasing importance of bio-energy in Europe the European biomass association AEBIOM and the REECO teamed up group… The REECO group, trade fair and Congress Organizer with headquarters in Germany, has recognized that the development and distribution of bio-energy is an important issue for all of Europe. After successful fairs and congresses on the […]

Saarland Software Manufacturer

IT day 2009: a3 system presents dante cms 4.6 go social! In September 2009 the Saarland software manufacturer a3 system is the new version of its content management system, dante cms v. 4.6, bring on the market. According to the motto “go social!” that supports dante cms now online marketing in social networks with many […]

Agency Chief Peter Vorsmann

and now also the top going municipalities Soest, LGa entirely after bad Sassendorf and Mohnesee have tasked the Soester Werbeagentur avo 2017 communicative to accompany the application of of trio of cities to the Landesgartenschau. The cities decided that for an agency who writes for twelve years success story and their regional customers. A highly […]

Economically Friendly

Economical and environmentally friendly through the city traffic the Luis AG from the vicinity of Hamburg introduces her electric runabout Luis free market September 9, 2009. Click Pinterest for additional related pages. The basic model is to have nearly 12,000 euros. Luis free is due to its range of about 200 kilometers ideal as a […]

Schulz LED

Thuringer dilitronics GmbH moves positive half-year results 2009 Jena, July 29, 2009 at the end of the first half of 2009 the Thuringian high-tech company draws a positive balance sheet dilitronics. Despite the difficult economic situation could be achieved solid growth and tripled revenues compared to the same period last year. With the introduction of […]

Internet Diesel

Energy cooperative Freudenberg offers refuelling at half price until 2015 (Beiersdorf-Freudenberg) every year the same game: hardly prepare millions of vacationers to the collective migration, are to observe the dispensers of all fuel suppliers price jumps upward. Motoring talk regularly rip off given the price jumps, the oil companies just as regularly reject the accusations. […]

Friedrich Online

Quickly and easily more sales through the Internet! -Every year: online marketing Convention 2009-18 September 2009, Hotel am Stadtpark Wilhelmshaven – on the net at home: the new Internet presence of online-marketing the Internet today nobody passes! Knowledge around the subject of online marketing are the basic requirement to be successful online, and to […]

Neuromarketing – New Ways Of Market Research

The classical market research reaches its limits. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Robert Kiyosaki on most websites. According to the society for consumer research (GfK), about 80% of all new products fail within a very short time on the market. Every year a budget is wasted in Germany by 10 billion euros, although […]