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Computing Center

He is once again pleased to realize effective standards, which are benchmarks in the shipping world with cooperation partners through innovative process solutions. The extensive project was completed by an experienced team from the concrete concept phase until the first implementation in about 1.5 years. Euro-log supports 24plus since 1996 as a central IT-partner. The […]

Online Marketing Consultant

In a previous article we talked about how important it is to increase confidence in the visitor to the site of your company. The article suggests several ways to do this. There were also proposals for creating their own answers to questions, expert advice, etc. In addition to what has been said it should be […]

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Advertising Marketing

One of the most well-known textbooks on marketing begins with the assertion that the early editions of a textbook called "Introduction to the Study of the economy sales." The concept of "economy of marketing (Absatzwirtschaft) includes the production and non-production units, as well as measures needed to overcome the tension between production and consumption of […]

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Books On Budgeting

In recent years, against a background of increased competition in the business owners are trying to give their companies and their financial performance stability and predictability. Companies naturally go in its development from the stage rapid growth at the stage of stable operation and to generate profits, are transformed from the "stars" in the "cash […]

Academy Chelomeya

Among all the good, the product is sold, salaries are high, regularly paid bonuses, and corporate events are held. But there is an interesting principle Academy Chelomeya: ‘For the system to be sustainable – it is often necessary to shake. ” Complacency creates the worst performance when the job is automatically not in full force, […]


The basis of a multi-market reforms of the market economy is the business development. Business of seeing any for profit, providing equity capital to attract or indirect participation in such activities by investing in equity. The main function of the business – production and sale of goods and services in order to profit by meeting […]

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Mergers Capital

The term M & A means the economic processes that lead to integration of business and capital. This happens at the micro and macro levels. M & A of the English language Mergers and Acquisitions, translated Mergers and Acquisitions. As a result of the transaction A new company. That is, m & a – approach […]

Technology For Bill Counting

The manipulation of money is a tedious task and requires an optimal concentration to obtain correct values. Anyone who has worked in the accounts of a company ever made a mistake in counting the notes manually. Always use has been associated with the Bank, but the technological development of recent years has allowed us to […]

Always Move Forward

I’m not against technological developments, no more missing. Much less, I am in their use and application to facilitate the work of living components, including humans, in this world and the unknown. But it strikes me as some of these advances are distorting some fundamental values in the basic structure of our society and I […]

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