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Russian Automotive Market

These statistics are listed in the review of the Russian automotive market, prepared by the analytic agency "Autostat." Experts say that most strongly affected by the crisis in the auto market in the Urals -41.6% -38.8% in the Volga region, in southern Russia -41.1%. In the current situation of the forthcoming shipment of cars by […]

Market Segments

More recently in the periodicals began to appear frequently publishing on the topic of medical treatment abroad, a large number of ads can be seen in the boundless expanse of the World Wide Web. Monitored Content on where best to undergo treatment abroad, I decided to stay in the country, which is one of the […]

Labor Market Trends

The holiday season left its mark on the performance of job boards. The number of vacancies has decreased by an average of 5%, the number of resume – 1%. Jobs in Kharkov whole, the job of Kharkov pyatiprontnoe showed a decline. In July compared to June increased demand for accountants and economists (11%). However, noticeably […]

Market Agency

Terms of complete confidentiality are achievable only if you sign an exclusive contract agency. Save time and reduce unnecessary contact with the recruitment How many hours developing the days, weeks, months, require the employee conducting the selection of a specialist at meeting telephone conversations and correspondence with the agency, reading, duplicating each other’s resumes? A […]

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Ukrainian Labor Market Trends

Analyzing the labor market of the past in 2010, I can identify a few positive trends, which, in my opinion, will be carried over to 2011. The first – ending the massive staff cuts. In 2009, companies were a state of shock and trying at all costs to survive the crisis, which, in the first […]

Training Market

Other case that the quality of the training is poor, sometimes comes to the absurd: a business coach for 5 days. But more about that another time. Solely for the sake of truth can not fail to notice that it is better at least some training than general no. Previously, coaches learned from their mistakes, […]

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Russian Market

Glazing of balconies and loggias is widely practiced in Moscow around since the early nineties. During this time, appeared and disappeared many different systems, glazing of balconies and .V the beginning there were several types of swing and, more rarely, sliding devices out of wood. Then began to produce glazing of aluminum, usually with sliding […]

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Business Luck

But the reality is that which is irregular billing but 40% of total turnover! After 13 months, resigned. He said he had earned enough to do what you really wanted to do, being an entrepreneur and he was leaving. And so a calm and friendly ended our working relationship. After about six months we went […]

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Effective Call Center

Analysis of the set of domestic projects to implement the call centers (call centers) has allowed to develop a universal formula, under which can be minimized by substantially all the risks of introduction: Formula success to build effective call center (CPC): An integrated approach + Technologies + Best Qualified Personnel = Effective Call Center (ATC) […]

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SME Sector

As you know, the backbone of any economy is a self-SME sector. And it is this area experienced the main negative impact of the global financial crisis. This is especially true of such industries as corporate lending, which allowed earlier to actively develop and stabilize the business. If we believe the financial analysts, before the […]

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