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Advanced Mezzanine Card

Extensions for rear I/O and precision timing, are equipped with the MicroTCA MCH ideal for applications in the area of high speed data acquisition and data processing. Target markets include physical research facilities and all require applications with high bandwidth requirements, the improved ease of maintenance, high performance, bandwidth and availability in a compact form […]

DSAG Annual Conference

IBSolution placed eight lectures on the DSAG annual Conference 2010 and developed a community fair with its partners. For the umpteenth time silver is the SAP partner as an exhibitor on the DSAG annual Conference. For the first time but held the fair as a community project. Together with, namely apsolut, DeConHR, dobis, Imperia and […]

Auto Journalists

He developed a fantastic speed. The case when a Auto Journalists known during the trip with test pilot company was shocked when she saw the speedometer crept to 280 km / h. This rate Maserati 5000 GT is not granted on the track, but on an ordinary highway! Despite the title of the serial, Maserati […]

Film Promotion

On the 27.05.2011 at the Academy of media may GmbH on May 27, 2011 fourth media interested the media forum this year at the Academy of media GmbH in Stuttgart offers lecture event. In the context of this lecture series, Dieter Krauss from the MFG Filmforderung Baden-Wurttemberg offer exclusive insights into the public funding for […]

Portuguese Translation

Are they all the same translation services? are you looking for a professional language translation service that ordered you a specific project for your business or for your personal use? While the translation services are easy to find, how difficult finding is the agency or translator suitable for your translation needs and who can offer […]

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