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Business Solutions For The Apple IPhone

Mobile business expert Cortado turns iPhone in business-phone just in time for CeBIT is which on mobile business solutions specialist provider Cortado the development of practical business applications for the Apple iPhone known. In the next six months, several applications for the Apple iPhone will be available. So, the effectiveness of iPhones now available for […]

Risk Social Security

Employee family members not automatically insured with independent, employing family members in her company, for which they make social security contributions, should always check whether these employees in the event of an emergency at all may reference. Many independent contractors pay taxes for their hired family members out of ignorance for many years, although these […]


Ways of the Innovation in the Management? The ways of the innovation in the management depend: of the focus in the research and the inquiry; focus in the participation and the negotiation; focus in the people and the work; focus in the education, the knowledge and the learning; focus in the proper process of innovation. […]

World Wide Web

With the emergence of a culture of consumption and the real origin of marketing where its main objective is to satisfy wishes and whims, appear also new forms of seduction to consumers with technological tools such as the Internet that perhaps compared to the industrial revolution and its high-impact between the economy, the politics and […]

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Liberal Unity

I welcome the broad agreement of the four liberal sectors headed by Luis Enrique Dussan, Hector Javier Osorio, Consuelo Gonzalez and Julio Cesar Triana to form a very good list of Liberal unit to the House of representatives by Huila, which, no doubt, will ensure the two seats that today has liberalism in that Corporation, […]

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Professor Hademar Bankhofer

Foreign trade is booming, and the relaunch of websites and packaging design successfully implemented after the international distribution of NanoRepro AG concentrated so far in Europe, has been closed now a concrete distribution agreement with the Iraq. In the first step, the Marburg company that specializes in the development, manufacture and distribution of medical quick […]

Peter Blechschmidt

The election campaign is approaching the hot phase. Very different coalitions are possible. Magdeburg, 16.09.2013. But how do the parties real estate and housing actually on this important subject? The rental price brake stands at almost all parties of the German Republic in the electoral program. But the parties see the development very differently. So […]

Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers are an essential equipment in any modern building, that is exactly what the device is able to protect you and your property from the precarious situation in the circuit. This device automatically turns off the electrical installation in the event of short circuit and overload protection. Circuit breakers break the circuit when the […]

BFGoodrich Rft

Most popular in recent years was the technology of "self-supporting tires" (self-supporting tires). This type of rubber can not stop moving even at a complete loss of tire pressure and speed and distance are also not affected. This technology has been generally termed Run Flat Tires, abbreviated – rft, and each of the manufacturers names […]

The Shortcomings

Currently, hundreds of millions of RCD successfully protect life and property of people from electrocution and fires. Today, the RCD is an indispensable element of any electrical or industrial welfare facilities. These devices fail equipped with all the mobile objects (trade vans, vans catering), sheds and garages. Despite the fact that at present everyone in […]