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Lonza Ltd Marketing Manager

It is world market leader in the production and process monitoring of active pharmaceutical ingredients, in the chemical, as well as in the biotechnology field. Biopharmaceuticals are among the key growth drivers of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Lonza has an excellent know-how in the production of large and small molecules, peptides, amino acids and […]

Eastern European

Also in Hungary is the online trading in the steady upward trend. While 2011 already about two-thirds of all residents used the Internet, the percentage of online buyers of the population was significantly. Nevertheless the B2C E-commerce increasing sales here annually to a medium-sized two-digit percentage, which is due in part to the popularity of […]

Windows Tax

Automatic calculation and booking the new culture tax by ResiGo jokingly as a bed tax titled, entered into force on the 1 October 2010 the new culture tax of the city of Cologne. On the gross value of the night, five percent must be pitched in the future. On this charge, seven percent added value […]

North Sea Prices

The local heating oil prices are likely to go back today moderate in total. LEIPZIG. (Ceto) After the sharp losses yesterday crude oil quotations have been somewhat fixed in early trading. The barrel of US light oil cost just under $80, North Sea oil (Brent) was $81,50. The day before, both varieties had suffered losses […]

Management Tool Employee Survey

Lack of communication surveys between self – and external image, disclose that managers often completely different appreciate her leadership style as their employees and gladly want to represent in an at low light. The high discrepancy between self-image and image is based on a lack of communication that can be mined with the help of […]

Heating Oil Price

In the afternoon, have geared down crude oil prices, and slipped under their daily output values. LEIPZIG. (Ceto) In the afternoon, have geared down crude oil prices, and slipped under their daily output values. Therefore the barrel cost US oil at the time less than 82.50 dollars; North Sea oil of Brent ranked below the […]

Installing Rigging

Probably, many business leaders faced a situation when you need to instal the heavy equipment in a small shop. But the situation is often the case that the interior of the shop does not allow used crane, and there is no overhead crane. Today, this assembly can easily be done using specialized equipment available to […]

Acquisition Mentality In The Marketplace

The desire is mixed with the possibility, because the impulse to get-is a definite experience or a particular object, does not take into account whether the personal characteristics that enable peak of the action. Although it is valid sustain ambition as reference material or experiential development, the step should be to meet it is not […]

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Company Product

When we decided to create our company, think about each one of the elements that we have to take into consideration, the product, target market, advertising, clients, but there is an element that without any doubt is what we first observe and identify the company and the product itself, is the logo. Every company needs […]

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Flat Rate Brothels – That Makes Them So Attractive!

The so-called “flat rate brothels” enjoy more and more growth, what is it? What is the new business model? In a flat rate can be brothel of lust whenever go how you want flat rate just, without having to pay more than a price defined at the beginning. You pay only the price of a […]