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Christmas Market

The town square in Bad Griesbach – old town boasts wild traditions, fairy magic and musicians of extraordinaire Bad Griesbach and the Kurplatz in Bad Griesbach Therme are decorated with Christmas trees, lights and Christmas huts and provide a festive setting for events with the concerts in the open air. Bad Griesbach is thus a […]

WELTEC Builds 1-megawatt Bio Gas Plant In Hungary

WELTEC BIOPOWER has begun with the construction of a biogas plant in Szeged, Southern Hungary, in April. WELTEC BIOPOWER has begun with the construction of a biogas plant in Szeged, Southern Hungary, in April. Clients and operators is the Zoldforras Energia, a subsidiary of the Hungarian power supplier DeMSZ. The 1-megawatt plant, in which two […]

State Of The National Cinema

The restructuring and subsequent events possibly something and help the economy, but caused pootechestvennomu cinema blow. Movie studios are accustomed kgosudarstvennomu funding began to be sold for a pittance, rezkosokratilos amount produced movies, cartoons, almost died of documentary filmmaking. Long period of stagnation in the film wasted tens kinolentprostym by lack of money, and not […]

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Chinese Communist Party

China represents China as compared to India Charles Kupchan as a “Dictatorship” and India as “Democracy” and explains the greater China’s success of development of with its autoriaren structures. Of course, India is not a democracy because is more to democracy than a Westminster Parliament, for example an educated electorate. China is not one man […]

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In Germany

For Blaklader their Blaklader Workwear is a tool to facilitate the work processes. The functionality of your products makes your job easier and gives them a maximum of safety. Their mission with Blaklader work clothes: With respect to our identity, our roots and to help maintain our brand and the spirit of Blaklader workwear, develop, […]


Mobility with the mobile exhibition and promotional stands of LA prove CONCEPT mobile of exhibition and promotional kits are professional and mobile solutions that are an effective, low-cost alternative in contrast to the traditional trade fair buildings. They are constructed in a very short time and individually extensible through the flexible components. By the individual […]

The Power Of Social Media

Stuttgart region in the social networks there is no way passes currently in the marketing presentation of marmato GmbH at the Chamber of Commerce. Those companies, which were not represented Twitter & co. until now on Facebook, enter no later than now. The reason? : Great potential on it, to be used to maintain online. […]

Vitamin Cocktail Of New Zealand

The FrischeKontor invites you to the Kiwi high season on the Duisburg weekly markets – chef conjures up delicious Kiwi high season in Duisburg is snacks from 7 June to 11 June 2011. Then comes the vitamin cocktail of New Zealand on the weekly markets Neudorf, Hochfeld, Hamborn, Buchholz and Heath. ZESPRI and the Duisburg […]

The Effect Of Deodorants And Antiperspirants

No question, the summer is beautiful, invites the sunshine to the grill if you can spend cozy warm evenings outdoors. Would be but since only not high temperatures make the US sweat and leave this unpleasant smell of sweat and sweat stains on the shirt. Sweating is a natural and also important process of the […]

Sprint At The 1.Thuringer Thriller Price

“Crime at home” now also in Thuringia, the bloody heart of Germany Erfurt the countdown for the Thuringian crime price enters the hot phase. Time to apply for an unreleased Thuringia thriller at the Sutton Verlag, Erfurt will remain only until July 31. Many entries are already gone. At bloody scenes of Nordhausen to Saalfeld, […]