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Societal Standards

You are welcome the individual will be valid to coexist and to adapt itself in the school, to conclude stages with normalities in the considered courses is fit in a social group and to be always passing for the applications of the laws to have spaces guaranteed in companies for example. It will be that […]

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The Company

Making with that some situations are analyzed in multiple ways, for some citizens, giving inevitably the situations of divergence of points of view. According to employee the company does not invest in professional qualification, what she generates discomfort and desmotivao sufficiently, making that with this behavior of the company, she generates certain conflict between company/employee, […]


The yeebase start-ups community has Cobocards as innovative Web2. According to Robert Kiyosaki, who has experience with these questions. 0 tool Aachen, recorded in his Grunderzene March 3, 2009 – before was exactly one month Cobocards for the German E-learning innovation and young nominated (D-Elina). Today, the young company was inducted in the yeebase-start-up database. […]

Removing Efflorescence

During construction and operation of buildings the appearance of efflorescence is inevitable. Causes of salt deposits on the walls, this is exactly represent a leach, may be the properties of building materials, so and external weather conditions. Therefore, the removal of efflorescence – the primary task of building owners, because the salt deposits, not only […]

Internal Perception

There is a lot of people who every day are not satisfied with the life they are leading, consider that they are not balanced, they are not working in what they want, many ideas that have wanted to develop are stops, coupled with a lot of difficulties that must be overcome, for some people this […]

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Eat Lose

It seems ironic to say that you can lose weight by eating, but yes, there are ways to start losing weight and everything can start from controlling what you eat. Read on and I’ll tell you how to lose weight, following 6 easy tips. #1. Eat foods that are low in calories such as: asparagus, […]

Valle Rivera Seward James

Thus can schedule and visualize any dream that we have, we can change our weaknesses to strengths, develop self-esteem, improve interpersonal relationships, reprogram old limiting recordings and castrating of our intelligence, creativity and perception of happiness, as well as expand the perception of themselves and reality. Impact promotes dynamism, attention, learning above all with the […]

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If you are a student, opposition, you begin to study for the first time or after a long time and you want to memorize easily and have fun while you do it, take a look at what comes next. It is no secret, that is how your mind works. In fact, all the things that […]

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Artistic Photography Redial

Camera: Canon EOS 350 D lens: Canon 100 mm Aperture: f/2.8 exposure time: 1/4000 sec ISO: 200 compensation: – 2/3 priority to opening, matrix metering. Without a tripod it seemed curious to reaching the beach of St. George in Galicia and find me with that to the 12 noon it had barely a dozen people […]

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Jorge Rivero

They fervently believe that the genius of the bottle can give them their desires and makes it. But end up in the clutches of the credit cards and the slavery interests of the creators of a perverse system that now, oh cute Angels wish transmit you her secret. The secret to borrow you more, buy […]

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