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Isabel Salvador Marketing

This certification adopted on July 20, 2007, confirms the good practices of SIVANA, MARKETING solutions and recognized the maturity and effectiveness of its system of quality management at the same time that ratifies its commitment to continuous improvement. Since our inception in 2004, Sivana we have worked according to a few processes that allow us […]

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Marketing Management

Without any doubt, one of the key links in the success of CARLiN sales direct and support to its franchisees, through solid and professional structure which has its Marketing Department. From there the Ensign offers its members a sale service by phone that helps them, on the one hand to purify databases and other sell […]

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Internet Marketing Guide. An interesting concept. Internet marketing is a very good business. You can work from anywhere, if you have a laptop and a connection to the Internet. I am writing this article from my bed. A few weeks ago I attended a workshop for three days of work of Internet Marketing. I wrote […]

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Internet Marketing

When we are approaching the world of Internet Marketing, the only thing we know is that working with the Internet from home, you can make money. Some contend that Hyundai shows great expertise in this. Unfortunately we do not know that behind those pretty words, lies an endless mass of work and that, as in […]

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Mail Marketing

They become live, the computers of the recipients. Obtain prospects for a campaign of marketing by e-mail is easier than the traditional method. The above, as people are more willing to leave in a form in our blog or website, your e-mail address, which leave your physical address. They consider that it is more dangerous […]

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Real Estate Market Crisis

Recently, representatives of the professional community gathered at the round table in the exhibition "Domexpo" (the annual International Property Show, held in Moscow in the arcade), to discuss cooperation Media and Advertisers in a new environment. Conversation as relevant as ever, because the question of budgets on advertising and promotion of real estate players are […]

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Bulgarian Real Esate Market

And in the second quarter of 2008, property prices in Bulgaria are extremely low – among the lowest in the whole world. Contact information is here: Hyundai. Yes, the Bulgarian real estate becomes more expensive. In 2007 Bulgaria ranked second for growth in housing prices – 27.1% per year. But nevertheless it is still possible […]

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Currency Market

The currency market yesterday abri to a new week of negotiation losing part of the gains that became at the end of the last week, especially the dollar, and this in spite of the weakness of the Asian bags and the commodities. The Nikkei fell more than 200 points today. Petroleum also fell to a […]

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Purchasing Decision And Marketing

So what if no price is key in making a purchasing decision. Classic marketing convinces us that the key to successful positioning in the market for any enterprise is to win and retain customers through effective satisfaction of their needs. I remember an example where a one of the libraries were studies on the quality […]

Market Example

We begin defining that is a Niche of Market, according to a market niche is a used term of marketing research to talk about to a portion of a market segment in which the individuals own homogenous characteristics and needs and these last ones are not absolutely covers by the general supply of the […]

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