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Handle Job Stress

Daily life requires us to be at the height of different demands in all areas. We must respond at work, with our family and we are also accustomed to demand better results and more and more ourselves. Every time that we are facing a personal or environmental demand a response of our body that gives […]

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Financial Institutions

Project was commissioned by a Bank support for the internal audit departments of banks the AuditFactory, to support their internal audit deposits and WpHG acquisition scrutiny. The audit focus should be placed on the proper implementation MiFID rules. Our mission was to test the following objects to be scanned: monitoring function of the compliance unit […]

Many Electric Utilities

High payments are a reality in many households and persistent are straining the household budget. A few weeks ago, over 200 regional electricity supplier in Germany announced that it will raise electricity prices the average well above 10%. For a family of 3, this corresponds to a monthly overhead of approximately 10 euros. Anyway resent […]