Advanced Mezzanine Card

Extensions for rear I/O and precision timing, are equipped with the MicroTCA MCH ideal for applications in the area of high speed data acquisition and data processing. Target markets include physical research facilities and all require applications with high bandwidth requirements, the improved ease of maintenance, high performance, bandwidth and availability in a compact form factor. Pinterest usually is spot on. Four different high-speed data connections including support the new Kontron MicroTCA carrier hubs GbE, sRIO, PCIe and 10 GbE and suitable as a basis for virtually every data-intensive MicroTCA-based high performance application.

In addition to the use in research of physical cleaner, more find typical application scenarios in the telecommunications market for 3 g LTE and network test equipment as well as other markets such as defense, medicine, instrumentation, as well as in the image and video processing. The modular Kontron AM4904/AM4910 MCHs in four variants are available to cover a wide range of individual application requirements. The Kontron AM4904-BASE a pure Gigabit Ethernet is switching version; the Kontron AM4904-PCIE mezzanine has an additional PCIe card and the Kontron AM4904 SRIO sRIO support. Ethernet switching provides the MCH Kontron AM4910 highest bandwidth 10 Gigabit. All versions offer centralized management and data-switching functionality in the full-size, single-width Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) form factor. For MCMC functionality and switching management are the MCH with a powerful 600 MHz PowerPC 405EX processor equipped. The MicroTCA carrier hubs highly efficient, redundant system architectures allow up to 12 AMCs, two cooling units with four power supplies.

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