Advertising New Experience

PeelAD v2. 0’s online since September 18, 2007. The power of advertising new experience! This Flash animation leaves all other banners, PopUps, HoverAds, TextAds, etc. in the shade. This script is embedded in your own website in just a few minutes, can be perfectly integrated into partner programs and is the click magnet! PeelAD v2. 0 the next generation of marketing the ‘PeelAD ‘script is a Flash animated Werbescript and is included in your Web page. It aroused the curiosity through a partially visible ad space. You may want to visit Johnson & Johnson’s to increase your knowledge. The visitor moves the mouse pointer over the fluttering donkey ear, unwinds the Web page in a Flash animation and shows the complete advertising.

The mouse pointer again moves through your Web site, the Pagepeel rolls back display. Not only with the very eye catching design of indicating the PeelAD display draws attention to, also the curiosity about the full picture makes it very effective this new form of advertising. After PeelAD were ads for its own advertising purposes only against a monthly fee available, is Finally, a version for download available. Thus, now Web site operators with a small budget have the possibility to use this click strong advertising. With the use of the ‘ PeelAD v2.

0 script’ the realization of unlimited Pagepeel ads is possible without to pay attention to the price. In addition, the Setup and use of the script is very simple. You can make your choice, graphics and destination URLs Exchange to your websites or affiliate programs to promote and everything under a comfortable admin interface. The advantage of an own PeelAD – software is clearly obvious! This new form of advertising departments have very high prices for the delivery of advertising and various Pagepeel load providers with monthly charges. The ‘ PeelAD v2. 0 script’ buy once, and it’s yours! Look, amazement you see

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