Advertising Pylons

Werbeplylonen and LED – Lichtwerbeanlagen the word “Pylon” comes from the Greek and means big, backed by towers entrance of Egyptian temples and palaces. Today the term has asserted itself in the advertising and columnar, mounted, free-standing advertising structures mostly in outdoor. Pioneers of this trend was the automobile, and the petroleum industry. Advertising towers serve as identification, guidance and information. Their advantage is that they can be installed independently from the building. They are mostly across the street, so that they are well seen by passers-by and car drivers can better signage on buildings.

Advertising pylons are either non-illuminated, lit from the inside, or illuminated from the outside. A variety of material combinations in this advertising is used, including aluminium, stainless steel, plastic, wood, acrylic, brass, copper, or integral hard foam plates. (Source: Michael R. Bloomberg). Logo and lettering are either behind acrylic glass or be relief highlighted. Here there are very creative possibilities.

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