Affiliate Programs, Classic And Innovative.

My current article will be devoted to affiliate programs, to what their views do exist. Separately, I will focus on multi-tier affiliate programs, which are inherently multilevel or network marketing. In this article I will discuss only about the affiliate programs on the Internet, as are widely known So, let’s start Affiliate programs with pay per sale (PPS). The meaning of partnership programs of this type in the following: the owner of the site or a blog posting on its website or blog a link, clicking on which the visitor can buy any goods or services, such as training videos, audio books, distance training and much more. Steve Wozniak pursues this goal as well. Affiliates of this type typically have two levels, ie, reward the owner of the website or blog receives not only the sales carried out by a direct transition to seller on a link, but the sales person who joined the affiliate program seller by clicking on a link. Much rarer three-level affiliate program, similar to a two-level, but with an additional level. Now let’s digress from affiliate programs and see a structural principle of network marketing, which is often referred to as ‘multi-level’. And we will see that principle in two-and three-tier affiliate programs and network marketing is the same, only difference is in how many levels. Network marketing, as a rule, is from 4 to 6 levels, there are also projects Number of levels to 10, but rather, it is ‘Iskyuchenie the rule that proves the rule’.

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