Appealing Advertising

Advertising portal active optometrists bashers Stuttgart in online ordering. The advertising portal active optometrists looks back on his first year. The idea to assemble brochure advertising for opticians online, inspired many traditional opticians in Germany and is a success. Prices, versions, and even the brochure colours were always modifiable”, says Managing Director Annette Marx, but after just one year, we have expanded our range of brochure pages and inserted new emotional and strong selling pictures in our layouts.” Also customised advertising campaigns for opticians are possible with the active optometrists. Optimal advertising strategy will be developed together with the optician. Continuously increased the selection of brochure pages from beginning 23 to 52 today. The participating optometrists, you enable an individual putting together of his own prospectus. Seasonal pages, as well as various topic pages to slide view and single thickness glasses and glasses, which are aimed at different target and age groups. are designed by experienced advertisers of the trade marketing, again providing new promotional ideas. Rimless glasses, polarized lenses or sunglasses also addressed, such as the cooperation with transitions optical for transitions VI. Through the variety of page own prices, the selection of versions and individual company color printing the brochures differ from each other. More individuality is almost impossible. It looks different Managing Director Mike Schumacher: we respond to the individual needs of our customers and design pages to the anniversary or the cash for clunkers and coordinate the advertising on the realities on the ground. “We offer individual pages, the everyone according to his wishes, and with its offerings, such as contact lenses or hearing-acoustics, or also with own versions, fashion can.” Appealing brochure ideas with plenty of influence make the platform of active to a strong promotional partners for each optician. Whether our optician quality or cheap want to advertise, they decide solely by your own pricing and the page combinations. “, explains Annette Marx. The active optometrists achieved a high level of attention in the industry last year with its marketing for opticians. The response from the end customer was also positive, and even more important -.

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