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Exhibition of the 14.4 23.6.2013 in the Heimatmuseum Garbsen artfully, many items on which we at home enjoy, bergen knotted carpet from the Balkans, the hand-carved flute from Guatemala or the wooden mask from Kenya who exceed the memories, ideas and aspirations, in which we mentally borders (country). Their little stories to be told. To paint a colorful picture of diverse cultures in Garbsen, Garbsen’s circle of friends asked native German as well as citizens with an immigrant background, to provide their own, particularly beautiful or significant pieces from holiday destination or home the Museum: on the one hand Garbsener to get an opportunity from other cultures here, the culture of their homeland of their fellow citizens as personal testimonies-foreign cultural practices, To present skills or beliefs. Attractive vacation souvenirs or cooking pieces, acquiring a specially the Garbsenern are just as welcome on the other side trip was worth. The objective value of the object less plays a role as the personal value for its owner. Part of the exhibition is also a brief description of the history behind the piece, created in collaboration with the curator of the exhibition. Of course, all the works are insured and the lender get back again.

The exhibition will be to see regular opening hours of the Garbsen Museum from April 14 to June 23 (every 2nd Sunday of the month from 14.00 – 18.00). Who would like to provide a piece of the exhibition, will contact please call Kathrin Symens 0177 / 4171610 phone number or email address and phone number as well as a short description of the work to be (request form) if possible, with image under. The objects can be released on Sunday, the 10.3., between 14 and 17 and Wednesday, the 13.3., between 15 and 18: 00 in the Heimatmuseum Garbsen Hannoversche Strasse 134. More dates are in Exceptional cases possible. Kathrin Symens

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