As You Make Money With Social Networks Business

Another way to earn money without investment, and is increasingly popular, are the social networks that share the profits with their users. These social networks are very similar to the most popular social networks like Facebook and that completely dominate the world scene, with millions of members who upload videos, pictures and socialize with people around the world for free. Myspace and Facebook combined make more than 130 million per month. You wonder how can this happen when your service is completely free. These two social networks charge advertisers large, multinational corporations and big money to advertise to its members. They can charge so much money from advertising, since its members are in the millions. Now a question, we have put some time to think about why the owners of these social networks have an interest in helping these millions of people to socialize without charging absolutely no monthly fee. The funny thing is that the millions permanent members interact in these social networks, absolutely “None of them have never taken a penny for it, nor have they shared the advertising revenue, being that they are the ones who make these networks work and earn the millions ganan.Es here comes the concept of social networks that pay their members to interact and make everything they do in others.

There were people who thought it would be a great and powerful idea to create social networks equal to the two mentioned, but with the difference that the revenues generated by advertising throughout the network, are shared with its users. These social networks, share with your users up to 80% of advertising revenue to its active members and best of all, you are 100% free. You never charging a penny for using its services because the profit is just on that, when people use their services to charge for advertising. The good news is that although they pay no big deal, you also pay for referrals, and in all cases they do it for 9 or 10 levels below you. And all you have to do is subscribe and use social networking as we would any other, and invite or refer to as many people as possible and keep all assets.

What does being active in a social network? Just that, enter your account often, comment, upload photos and videos if you like, and that’s it. Simply being a member who regularly socialize on the net, and promotes its link to refer, you include on your website or blog, etc etc, you earn money in some cases can reach very high amounts. There are many other ways to make money on social networks, many people live only on their income in this area, although it is necessary to emphasize that this particular activity is labor intensive. You can also create your social network and make money with it, if you are willing to create one social network contact me and I’ll sell you the script for you to use and start earning Dine. This email address is being protected from spam bots. You need JavScript enabled to view it

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