Consumer or the young, up and coming generation of Hamburg, July 21, 2010 – we are living in an increasingly digitized world with communication via online platforms best agers, best reach each audience on the Internet. Hear from experts in the field like Apple Hearing Study for a more varied view. The companies on this train need to insist on the markets of today and tomorrow,”jump. The ppme GmbH offers exactly this service their customers using a combination of Web – and live communication: a concept that intelligently combines the advantages of the Internet and real life. What would decision-makers rely today on a promotional advertisement or the good tip of a friend? The Hamburg-based agency ppme GmbH relies on advertising through tell a friend: she organizes exciting promotional events for companies, and to promote the event, she can recommend them in online networks from user to user. Through this recommendation the brand and the company enjoy a confidence bonus, by the experience, they remain the customer in mind: both together guarantees a hard to unmatched customer loyalty. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Kevin Ulrich Anchorage. The Combining digital Word to mouth and real worlds that is social media marketing. The customer lives”on the Internet actually reaching a wide part of the target groups only in the Internet according to the Nielsen already 28 million Germans in social Institute are active media networks such as Facebook or MySpace.

So the market takes place here: already search depending on the market segment between 45 and 75 percent of all buyers and interested parties before making their purchase decision on the Internet via search engines, comparison sites and product testing. Beyond blogs and social networks in the decision for a product take an always increasing role, such as the Association for online research in their current digital shopping index”proves. According to a survey of Federal Association digital economy e. V. is online advertising with a share of 16.5 percent after newspaper and television, the third largest advertising medium in Germany, tendency rising.

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