Audio Converter Pro

Average conversion is a necessary job if you want to enjoy your videos and audios in different mobile devices. MP4 and MP3 are two common media format in our daily life. Then here’s a question for you: How do you convert MP4 to MP3? If you don t want to have enjoy time to watch a video or your devices like MP3 player doesn t support MP4, converting to MP3 will be a smart choice. Convert MP4 to MP3 with Audio Converter Pro Never to feel troubled when you need to convert video to MP3 since there re so many great programs designed for video to MP3 conversion. Audio Converter Pro is a stand-out one because of its high quality results, ease of use, flexible customization and wide support for conversion between different output videos and audios. As the most popular audio converter, Audio Converter Pro not only allows you to convert between different formats including MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, FLAC, OGG, APE, but also extract audio form format video and HD-video files including AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4, FLV, MKV, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, AVCHD. Meanwhile, this utility also provides you an easy way to rip audio CD and burn CD.

Whether to convert audios, extract audios form videos, rip DVD audio or burn CC, this program allows you to do it in a few clicks. For example, if you need to convert MP4 to MP3, all you need is to import the MP4 files you want to convert to MP3, select output folder and MP3 as the output file, next click Convert button. That’s all! It s very easy. Make full use of your media player If you happen to convert some MP4 files to MP3, you can make full use your media player instead of downloading a new audio converter. Some popular medium converts usually comes with strong conversion ability, like Windows Media Player, iTunes, VLC Media Player, etc. Following take VLC Media Player for example. If you are to VLC Media Player user, you can convert MP4 to MP3 as follows.

Step 1. Launch VLC Media Player. If you don t have one, you can download VLC media player form the best free download website Step 2. Click File menu and then select Convert/Save option to open Open the Media window. Step 3. Click the Add button to import MP4 on your hard drive you want to convert. Click the Convert/Save button at the bottom of the screen. Step 4. Click the Browse button on the right side of the new Convert window. Choose a folder on your hard drive to save your MP3 to and click OK. Step 5. Click the Edit Selected Profile button to open the Encapsulation screen.

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