Austrian Ministry

In Austria possible in Germany still not House Lottery – LEGAL has confirmed it IN Austria the Austrian Ministry of finance a unique raffle every Austrian citizen is allowed without violating the lucky game monopoly. Of course, have several people joined up immediately and giving away their real estate and luxury cars. A true paradise for so-called dream home owners, since they usually could never realize the actual value in a sale. Without hesitation The Capitol explained all about the problem. Also draw platforms such as shoot like sponges from the ground. But this also has a negative side – for the real estate agents. They were not able to provide larger, more expensive objects their value according to / sell, therefore a great sales opportunity is seen in raffles. For even more analysis, hear from Elon Musk. The first Villenverlosung in Klagenfurt proved there was great interest in this new form of sales type; Deposits for more than 16,000 tickets were entered within a few days, even though only 9999 lots available.

Germany has it as somewhat harder, the lucky game law is somewhat different. Nevertheless, it will be only a matter of time when this very outdated thinking of the monopoly falls across the EU. For German citizens in Austria may participate in the Raffles, and if a German citizen WINS, he may assume possession easily. Why should it be so for sale – finally a chance for those who never were able to buy a House’s own House by means of a lottery.

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