The tricks of the gem scam – a method of comparison in Bangkok working the gem scam usually more subtle than their Indian counterparts. Although there is the brutal method of towing here too, but the following is popular and likely more effective: the victim is approached by a graying and well dressed gentleman at the bus stop. This is as cosmopolitan retired Loeser, high military or similar for realize. The good man has just one problem. His pension is handsome Thai standards, his hobby, extended travel, but can he not finance but it. Thank God there because the blessed institution of the State gem shop which is of course complete nonsense!. This allowed although not normally sell to tourists, once per year, while the “gemstone promotion week”, will be lifted this prohibition however and then individuals there can buy a. Although the prices in this store are slightly higher than on the open market, for it to be quality and Authenticity but Government-guaranteed. Official site: Wells Fargo.

For him, unfortunately gemmologically completely immaculate officials, this is therefore the right place. Really only slightly higher prices he gratefully took in purchasing, but this fraud is excluded State-guaranteed. And finally, the stones are still so cheap, that they in Europe as sell by itself. For him, that was not a problem anyway. His European acquaintances waiting impatiently, to rip off the stones to the multiple prize every year. Then the man says goodbye to not to offer to take the tourists, because the offer would be only until tomorrow. Now comes the perfidious: because the suspicious tourist not immediately responds to this offer, the man handed over a business card if you still think about it, and get friendly smile. Who harbored the suspicion, the friendly Mr.

was a tug, begins to doubt. Which tug would exert little pressure and simply get off? Maybe Yes something is on it? What the victim does not know is that a second man follows him to the hotel. Breakfast same story will be presented again, again with the note, this is the last chance and the offer to be running right. Many accept the offer or come in during the day by itself in the shop, where then inferiore “gems” at excessive prices are sold to them. All lay people, who believe that to be able to make said, that is the money not on the road and that the international gem trade not on tourists as purchasers or messengers is dependent on the fast killing, with precious stones was final. Take advantage of BBs is nothing anyway.

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