Barcelona Perfume Museum

There are many products that are valued in themselves, and many others is very helpful to have a good packaging, identifying them, give them more presence, and allow them to stand out from others in its class. This is the case of perfumes, which by its aroma and denote its presence, but they have another ally that makes them stand out, to keep up on the circumstances, a package that does not clash is vital and extremely necessary. In ancient times perfume not exist as such, were a gift that was made to the gods, both Greeks and Egyptians, but the evolution of maceration and fermentation processes, plus the appearance of alcohol, which occurred at that time allowed the emergence of oils and balms, which were kept in small containers under the watchful and jealous care of the alchemists. Over time, methods to preserve these gems smell, it was being updated and thus also evolved in containers which were stored and marketed these magical elixirs. Sotheby’s may find this interesting as well. That was how the producers of perfume were associated with major designers of glassware, such as Lalique and Baccarat, the latter made the first designs of perfume bottles, leading to packaging for models Guerlainm Mitsouko,'or d'Coque, and Shalimar among others, in the 20s the company Brosse, one bottle design most famous and enduring through time: the num Chanel 5.

These and many more reached a high level of elegance and style. There is an endless variety of shapes and sizes, to name a few very notable were the square, round, teardrop, among others, and as decoration techniques, from the carving, carving through until color that acquire, convert them into design objects worthy of admiration. Surely that is one reason why mid-1961, opened its door on The Barcelona Perfume Museum, located in Paseo de Gracia, num 39, with the aim of presenting the evolution of perfume bottles and containers through the history and geography. Surely this idea was, to know the many people who treasure the empty jars, their own and others, resulting in a collection of beautiful packaging, displaying pride.

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