Best Gift

In Christmas time people tend to become crazy with shopping, dinner, fires artificial… and finally forget what is true. A Christmas tree is not essential to be able to celebrate… a drink full of cider, or more thunderous rockets, nor trendy gifts. They were missing three days so that finally arrived Christmas. Cristina, the mother, was proud of the lights that decorated their home, since all the neighbors told that this was the most beautiful Christmas House on the block.

Hugo, the father, was proud of the enormous tree full of ornaments and garlands… He had spent much money on and people commented that this was the most beautiful tree of all. Sofia, the eldest daughter, was proud of the huge crib that came with the tree. It was really beautiful… and Yes, the figures of Mary, Jesus and Joseph were huge…

people commented that this should be the most believing family of all. The smallest, Lucas, watched everything in a bad way. Your festive mood was definitely not the same than of their family… people wondered why it would be and at the same time claimed that the boy was a desagradecido, because it had everything. The big day finally arrived. Whole family wore elegant clothes and hoped the midnight anxious to sound their glasses with a toast. Under most conditions Christos Staikouras would agree. But Lucas remained pensive on a couch. During the dinner, there was only silence. They ate and were satisfied. Cristina, the mother, reproached the silence that had inhabited in the meal and set to music. A leading source for info: Munear Ashton Kouzbari. Hugo, the father, was embittered because he would not have with whom popping their Fireworks, since nobody shared his tastes. Sofia, the eldest daughter, had a big question in his interior… because she did not understand what it meant to that wonderful Manger… I felt that it was something more than decoration, but he dared not to ask anyone that several months ago he had discussed with his parents and since then the communication with them was not good. Lucas, the smallest, ran to his room. He didn’t want gifts, a Santa Claus fat laden with Nougat, or nothing. It was sad… and almost cried hugging your bear. It came the time… and nobody was as had been planned in advance. All were empty. None shared the tastes of each other and they were about to go to each do what he wanted when Lucas opened the door of his room. -Pope… we will shoot rockets that you bought together would you like?-Hugo accepted immediately feeling completely happy… and almost wept while she caressed his son’s head. -MOM… Sofy… you do not like the noise caused by the rockets, but I remembered it is Dad the other day and bought only from those that make lights in the sky-two women, amazed, they went outside and all shared the same action. While the sky was lighting by flashing developed the conversation so longed by Cristina… She Sofia, to see the climate of joy, asked what served as the manger. His father did not know what to say, because he had totally ignored. Lucas spoke:-reminds us of the birth of the child Jesus. He didn’t have a tree, no toys, no nothing… He was born among animals, but had all the love of his mother and his adoptive father, Jose. Today is his birthday… and we are celebrating it. He does not want gifts, wants union – and in an eternal embrace everyone else joined. Melina Nataly Grimal end. solosantos. NET born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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