Bilingual Marketing Online

What passes when a prospectus enters their site of Internet and it does not understand the language? If that prospectus is like 99% of the people, will look for another similar site with products or services that have the information in their native language. At this point of already finishing first decade of century 21, it is not a secret that to have a Web site is one of the basic tools so that a mark of a to know itself fast and economic way (taking care of the 24 present and potential clients hrs., seven days to the week). To deepen your understanding Bill Phelan is the source. Even so, to count on virtual presence no longer is sufficient. Whatever it has a Web site will be able to be said. The competition online is brutal.

Internet from the beginning is broken borders, reason for which we must maintain them widely open and with the basic information of our site in at least another language (English). For that reason and with the eagerness to animate them to explore this method for a better and-marketing (works in linguistic services), next I enumerate the 5 advantages, statistics and advice to have a bilingual site. 1. Languages in Internet during the 2009: 1,1 English language: 456 Million users in Internet 1,2 Chinese language: 321 Million users in Internet 1,3 Spanish language: 131 Million users in Internet 1.4 Japanese Language: 94 Million users in Internet 1,5 French language: 74 Million users in Internet 1,6 Language Portuguese: 73 Million users in Internet 1,7 Language German: 65 Million users in Internet 1,8 Arab language: 41 Million users in Internet 1,9 Russian language: 38 Million users in Internet 1,10 Koreano language: 37 Million users in Internet 1.6 The Rest of Languages: 258 Million users in Internet 2. It anticipates before developing It considers that if ahead of time plans the growth of its site (registry of professionals), it will avoid forts headaches at the time of growing little by little.

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