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Reclamation machines for the construction of subsurface drainage in the irrigation zone developed primarily in two areas: high-uzkotransheynye excavators – drenoukladchiki type Control-3502, and combined clean drenoukladchiki type DU-4003, designed specifically for high-standing groundwater. Due to the fact that the domestic fleet of machines for the construction of subsurface drainage in Russia at the moment there is practically no development of excavators – drenoukladchikov very urgent. What headaches when you can simply contact the company "Golden Age" and without problems to rent construction equipment. Excavators – drenoukladchik DM-4003 is made up of assembly units of tractors K-701M and T-170 and the newly developed components and mechanisms. Tractor-K-701M on the excavator – drenoukladchike installed polurama front assembly with the radiator, engine, manual, facing and the pedestal. In the angular gear is used final drive tractors K-701M.

Used automatic storage of the specified type of bias Saul-1M. Motor unit tractor K-701M is available on the way trolley can be rotated. Frame motor installation is based on the anterior and middle cross members and frame undercarriage is fixed at an average vertical beam steering axle, and front beam – jet thrust. On frame undercarriage set screws restrictive swing frame. Motor frame with hinged joints and lift cylinders mounted lever which is hinged attachments. Paver hopper naveshen on the frame of the working body with one upper and two parallel rods with a lanyard.

Pipeline path is designed as a pickup, located on the right side of the frame and body work. Chain drive Body Mechanical Desktop. When operating the excavator – drenoukladchika cutting chain cuts a trench in the ground. Seating shoe hopper spreader is based on the trench bottom, deepening it to 4 m. The slope generated from a given through the bottom of the stacker is fed insulated drainage pipe. Control problem is reduced to the introduction of the shoe to the depth and ensure the accurate progress along a path parallel to the slope of a given laser beam. Design features of the excavator – drenoukladchika – no carrier for the removal of soil from the trench. Removal of soil from the trench shall not completely: some of the soil brought to the surface and fit into a Keystone at the edge rollers trench, the trench fills the rest of the soil through which pulled bin, whose width is smaller than the width of the trench. Thus filled drainage pipe, laid on the trench bottom and sprinkled with filter material, and provided the opportunity to work on the land with a high level of standing water table. The company "Golden Age" can provide you with rent construction equipment of various types and Destination: excavators, loaders, tractors, excavators – loaders. The technological process of building a closed horizontal drainage using an excavator – drenoukladchika DM-4003 is similar to the process the secured previous models, but the final operation – filling drainage ditches – the complexity of the work is greatly reduced.

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