Our bonsai watering is very important, we will see step by step following some indications and vera as your bonsai will never die you for lack of irrigation. After this article you will learn the basic steps of how you have to water your bonsai. At the station that we have to take more care will be in the summer because that is where they are more thirsty and need more watering, our bonsai could die if water is missing more than one day in summer. But with the steps that you will learn in this post will acquire a routine that you now know when watering almost without touching your bonsai. In winter they logically need less water. Now comes the most important for watering bonsai in conditions, both in winter and in summer only water your bonsai when you need it, repeat! Only water your bonsai when you need it. Many people do is watering as any plant on a daily basis and that can be deadly for our bonsai and die by ponding is so die the most, more due to lack of water.

What they do to water it every day with excess water, by that excess water would deprive you the oxygen to the roots that will then die and are pudriran. And may be wondering when needed and as watering my bonsai?, because this is what will learn below, with a few tips and simple techniques will be happy to your bonsai. First thing that could be done to find out if you need to be watered your bonsai is touching the surface to see if this wet, but this will not be enough with according to types of substrates, this is due to that according to which substrates are so compact that they are deceiving, because many times with these substrates surface is dry and underneath the pot this still dampthen it is where we failed and give water without requiring it. Then we have to do is stick technique. Pick up a stick that uses for the meat skewers, those will go well, have to be wooden logically, insert into the ground till the end of the pot, leave it half an hour, then get it and if stick this damp it is that even not need watering, if dry or almost dry stick water your bonsai, so easy. This will have to do every day until you know more to your bonsai. If you follow this step every day you won’t have problems with watering of your bonsai.

Then the best way of watering bonsai is with a tiny top in abundance shower until you see that water may leak from the drain holes (the holes underneath the pot). The water we will use will be bottled, since tap water contains much cal, if you want to take tap water let stand 5 days. But the best water that can water is the rain, but obviously much more difficult to achieve, but everytime it rains take advantage of that water. Information extracted from: caring for bonsai original author and source of the article.

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