Brazilian Clowns

It was possible to construct the impossible one. (Meire Ane was lost case the school was giving up it and the family completely desestruturada abandons very it) The end of the period of training is come close and starts the preparativeses for the culminncia of the works with the pupils. With the proposal of one day of party in the Pirilampo Circus with the characterized children of magicians, dancers, clowns, elephants and monkeys to the sound of music: She goes, She goes To start the Trick, much animation, magicians a thousand, dancers saltitando in the tips of the feet, equilibristas practising jugglings and making small balls of soap, funny clowns giving to the tone and the color of the party. (A valuable related resource: Richard Plackett). Thus we lock up a stage of our experience in classroom, that is forever kept in our lives are souvenirs that never we will forget and happy for having made possible those children moments of pure magic in contact with knowing and the fancy learning through the playful one, it affection, love that it constructs beautiful things to it, so distant of the reality cold and desumana which was accustomed. everything finishes, remaining some certezas: that thousands of Meire Ane for this Brazil exist measure waiting a chance to come back to shine in the palcos of the life, the commitment of that we must make much more daqui for front for the public education of our country. Brazil is ours and the responsibility also is at the hands of each Brazilian. Learn more at: Munear Ashton Kouzbari. Carmen Maria Alves Santana in 04.11.2011, to 19:00 h.

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