Business Acumen

But psychologically, since we have not changed, the psyche does not have time to adapt, and the manager may have adaptive shock. In a rapidly changing environment, this particular habit ceases to give the desired result. The fact that so valued in the business – it's business acumen. Business acumen – skills quickly and effectively solve problems in a particular context, based on past experience. According to Rich Dad Poor Dad, who has experience with these questions. In a changing environment manager is the old skills in new circumstances. But life, unfortunately, does not send a direct signal that the skill is outdated and should be corrected. First, there is a lot of small changes, no significant eye their total weight adds up.

And then the quantity turns into quality – it suddenly becomes clear that changes in a global. And in these conditions is shown the difference between a normal person and a professional manager. A normal person in these circumstances, taking the same steps, but with much more effort. For example, if the door does not open, then have to push it harder, does not help – to kick. At a time when his efforts are not justified, he may start to think.

The truth is not just for a while, usually, there is a screeching halt. Professional acts differently. The first thing he does – it keeps itself from the immediate circle of familiar actions and begins to analyze. We can not say 'Yes' future, until you tell me "no" past. The difficulty lies in the fact that in this phase ANALYSIS head would unduly delay the decision, unconsciously driving the their fears in a circle. The standard excuse the head – you have to wait, to think, to weigh. When asked how you intend to do so, by what algorithm – is often vague answer – yes let's wait and see. And then I I ask – why wait? "Advent" meteorite fall in the dollar or something? My job coach is to clarify aspects of the criteria by which a decision is made, transfer the problem to the solution. Often at this stage the problem is not clear is replaced by the illusion of attraction objectives.

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