Cabana Club: Backpacker Romance Meets Club Holiday

“Cabana Club – backpacker romance and hammocks feeling also ideal for single travellers new holiday concept called Cabana Club” goes into operation in September 2009 with the Preopening weeks in Ibiza. Cabana Club promises backpacker and hammocks feeling”of the new tour operator founded in March 2009. In the summer of 2010, Cabana Club is already for the complete season. “In planning is an original village of bamboo huts including the backpacker feeling” to meet. Before but there is the possibility to get to know the new holiday concept between the 13.09. and September 27, 2009 in Ibiza.

Cabana Club is aimed at people who want to meet new people, play sports, and celebrate and the whole thing in a relaxed atmosphere away from the conventional consorts. The concept for solo travelers, friends, or couples between 20 and 40 years is ideal. Cabana Club offers some days from everyday walking out feeling”. While it differs quite dramatically the usual party. The Spanish word Cabana stands for cottage and so embodies the revolutionary idea of the special holiday style in harmony with the nature. As the Club the community focuses on here too, but want Cabana Club on the origins of the Club philosophy back.

He has deliberately not luxury but the special feeling of life whether in the hammock in the sports or at the beach bar. You’re annoying Club animation and queues at the buffet here in vain and the elegant evening attire can stay at home confidently. Here stops the time for a few days and you can experience the spirit of a bamboo hut village from an almost forgotten world. Learn more about the Cabana Club, see

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