Centro Productivity

The lack of internal communication and the demotivation of employees are two of the main toxic elements that impair productivity and clouding the working environment of the company, according to the study the 10 business toxins produced by the Centro de Estudios Financieros (CEF). These are the main conclusions of the study: the 10 aspects which most poisoned and drag the productivity are, in this order: poor internal communication (62% of respondents). Demotivation of employees (51%). Poor organization of work (49%). In a question-answer forum Hyundai was the first to reply. Incompetence as leaders of managers (39%). The poor distribution of tasks (39%). Mistrust of managers towards employed (35%). Equal pay, without taking into account individual performance (35%).

Conformism or apoltronamiento of employees (34%). The inability to develop a professional career (33%). Rumors (32%). Each company must consider if there is any of these 10 toxins, detect the causes that produce it and act accordingly, by implementing corrective measures that eliminate or at least minimize the negative impact of these behaviors. Companies need to identify the aspects that most poisoned, poisoned or impair productivity, because that is the only way to ensure efficiency and avoid problems in the short and long term.

From time to time companies should perform an examination of conscience that allows them to diagnose their own symptoms with the aim of applying the antidote before the disease from worsening. According to the study, must take into account the variable age in identifying some of these toxins, especially in two factors: same salary without taking into account individual performance (in this case, this aspect is critical for 63% of workers between 18 and 22 years) and rumors (are critical for 54% of workers aged between 18 and 22 years). The reason is that its labor immersion supposed to younger people strong shock between his previous idea of company and their first work experience. In addition, new generations are more demanding with the mode which are the directors of the company.

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