Chimney Repair Technologies

Always important in the craftsmanship of master potters were not only correctly folded stove, there was a special design of the main chimney. Authors such as Vladimir Potapov, K. Buslaev, Volkov, L. Borozdenko preserved in the literature as the authors the most successful of chimney structures. Today the problem is correct, reliable, and most importantly, working chimney is relevant, because now a country house furnace and fireplace are very important attributes. All works installation, operation and reconstruction of the chimney should be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements, which dictate regulations and current legislation. For gas fuel is now more severe requirements than, say, a solid or liquid. For example, an important episode is that the maintenance work on the chimney should be performed only by highly qualified craftsmen and only specialized organizations.

Chimney Service must be accompanied by its repair and testing of other equipment. Each unit must carry out removal of the burnt products segregated on the chimney. According to current rules, a single chimney in today's buildings can not connect more than two heating elements or the same for more than two water heaters. Not allowed to attach of gas equipment chimney pipe to the flue, which are connected heating furnace. Also, the rules prohibit the laying of pipe connections from the chimneys to stoves and heating devices directly in residential rooms. Five meters must have a minimum length of the chimney, it will provide good traction. If the length of pipe to less, then you must use an electric smoke exhauster. For the chimney is also required a small ledge about 50 cm or more. This is to ensure that it is necessary to put an end to it for wind band props. This term defines a space that shows a 45 degree angle to the horizon from the points from which the above are only houses and trees.

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