Christian Jewish Community Of Values And German Leitkultur

Christian Jewish community of values and German leading culture divides the integration debate and sleep enmity in our country. The intra-German intellect, the perceptions are very different. Sarrazin Apostles are omnipresent. One can read no more sheet, trace messages, enjoy talk shows without vote addict to track politicians, that vilify everything that is not german. The President has created even more confusion with his well-intentioned neutralization speech. For more information see this site: patrick dwyer merrill lynch.

What did he mean well with Christian Jewish community of values? Auschwitz, Dachau, and the Holocaust, as well as the centuries old condemnation of Jews by Germans or he had a vision that is far in the future? What did he mean, that Islam also belongs to Germany? He said that now the Muslims belong to the damned, which must be despised in this country and humiliated, as at that time the Jews and many others. The Christians, who is that? These are the Germans who turn their back on the Church and These houses Shun on Sunday morning, as the devil in the holy water. Lives this man in a different Germany, in a parallel universe and he has recited speech manuscript of this parallel world accidentally with us. It must be so, there is no other explanation. Only the same may have happened with Mrs Merkel, who stood to the side.

There is also the possibility that both not on German soil are simply have withdrawn and have light-years away from the real story and the real presence. Only a rogue may think that because a few people votes and especially those who have lost many. The Bavarian Minister-President has made it clear immediately that everything looks different and he can live with a Christian Jewish community of values, despite Dachau in Bavaria, unfortunately he has missed in history, but Muslims, who do not belong to Germany. Just apart of that many further religious communities are in Germany, which are more or less normal Sarrazin, through Ignorance is not mentioned.

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