Citigroup Market

We found out that Brazil, has been located like the first emergent market. Their companies obvious have been impelled by the revaluation that those high prices of raw materials carry. It raises Buffet it revealed his real preference by the Brazilian, and is inverted from 2007. Emergent major + Buffet possible + investment clay: yes, Brazil is tempting. Their commentaries a can send me: Brazil: the Greatest Market of Capitals (Emergent) of the World Buenos Aires, Argentina 4 of March of 2008 In the last, it has days not changed anything in the Brazilian market of capitals. Good, almost nothing. Only that knew a report Citigroup, where it is located to Brazil like the greater emergent market of the world in terms of stock-exchange capitalization moving to the Chinese market of capitals.

But cranme that this is not the smaller news since it can generate an increase of the flow of capitals towards the market Brazilian. The Brazilian market reached the leadership within the emergent ones thanks to the boom of demand of raw materials to global level, that was translated in a fast revaluation of companies as Petrobra’s or the iron and steel Bond, at the same time as the market of capitals of China underwent a process of correction in the valuations of the companies. But most important of this news, he is that he determine the proportions the value of the Brazilian market of capitals, which will cause that more investors pay attention to their market. So that they occur an idea than I talk about, this situation is similar to when a little attractive boy of face becomes soccer star and immediately he does not stop to grow the number of admirers who struggle to draw their attention (in Argentina many cases exist).

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