Client Satisfaction

One of the main goals of CRM is to increase the customer loyalty to the company, brand, products, which should translate into a higher frequency of purchase and/or a greater amount of purchase of the same product or service or other products or services complementary or different. Theory suggests that a loyal and faithful customer is one who is satisfied and is willing to maintain a business relationship with the company and even recommend it to others. Because of this, most companies have as policy research and learn, through different mechanisms, the level of satisfaction of its clients. The use of statistical methods that allow select samples, conduct surveys, tabulating them and infer behaviors and attitudes of customers based on these results, is perhaps the most widely used. A few years ago has been popularized a new methodology created by Fred Reichheld called the Net Promoter Score.

Let’s see what it is. Search for correct metrics that allow really know which is the level of satisfaction of a client with a brand or a product is still standing and not exact. We have developed several investigations seeking to identify the relationship between customer satisfaction and the growth prospects of a company. Thus was born a new concept called Net Promoter Score, which consists of a measurement (a single measurement) which, according to its author (Fred Reichheld) enables you to identify clearly what is the percentage of clients stating, through his answer to a single question, your satisfaction with the brand. Whats this fundamental question? The author indicates that only a question can identify good utilities of poor profits in a business and this leads to identify the level of customer satisfaction. This question is: is that so in agreement in recommending this company to a friend or colleague?

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