Commercial Sales

Instead of closing the sale confident, he hesitantly informs people about the commercial product and then actually apologizes for the fact that this is a commercial product, and not free. If he is already experiencing similar feelings, if he feels that worries people, and already expects that people will not buy from him, then why should people do? Most likely, they will not. Point is that mailing list this businessman was filled with people who can not or will not buy just because of his "generosity" has attracted a certain type of subscribers. If you operate a site about his hobby – it's fine. But if you run a business, you have a problem.

Let me ask you: when you go into a shoe store and ask the seller to help find your size, what you experience in relation to this seller? When you go to a restaurant and the waiter asks you what you ordered, what do you feel in relation to this seller? In both cases, you feel that an employee benefit. Have you felt "disturbed"? Probably not. You want something, and he helped you get it. Same with you and your customers. Stop worrying about them that you "bother" and begin to see themselves as their assistant. When you change, your attitude to it, your Potential clients may be seen because their attitude will change as well. Those who want your bounty just like that, go somewhere else, and you will stay with those people who will appreciate free materials that you have them supplies.

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