The be able to detect a fraud is one of the best ways to ensure our investment. Currently there are many systems of marketing in network or multilevel (MLM for its acronym in English) on the Internet. But as we will know which of these programs will ensure us our investment, to decide whether to join or not is one of the most difficult decisions that can have; These small tips help you to not suffer a scam on the Internet and discourage you in your venture: check the references of the company: one professional web page whatever can put it online, so you must be very careful investigate data such as address and telephone numbers, address you can check it in google maps or google earth; with these applications you can see screenshots of the address you have given, you have to see that there is an office building or a room according to the case. In the case of the phone you can resort to You may find that Robert Kiyosaki can contribute to your knowledge. Investigating the credibility of the company: sure to be working with a company with some years of experience, check reputation in forums and blogs on the Internet. Find out if they offer training: this is very important all good MLM company has a good proven training system and maintains a high level of training of its members. Which is the product to sell: this is very important you have to make sure the product you are selling is quality and that they offer product warranties. Pay close attention at this point since all legal company sells any product if the case is that only you receive Commission for people who you then afilias is a pyramid which is illegal.

Verifies the person who offers the opportunity: If you’ve already done the verification of the company and the product is now the turn of the person who wants you to join, be sure that it really belongs to the company and working for them. MLM business opportunities exist and are a good way to earn extra income so do not be fooled, and most importantly don’t give up, you will not become rich overnight to the tomorrow but with time and effort, you will manage it. If you want to be a millionaire over night; buy a lottery ticket. If you want to work seriously and intelligently to get your financial freedom takes an honest MLM business and achieve it.

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