We have bundled both with the respective social roles of pupils, parents and teachers that untangle will lead us a good time. We have a good recent example of how we have gone astray: the progenitors of the Vandals who assaulted recently a Commissioner in Pozuelo, instead offered to pay for the damage caused, they protest because the judge punishes their shoots to not leave the House after 10 o’clock. With a few parents, destroy a police station is a bargain which is also free. Us not surprised, therefore, that before such tolerance our kids out as they leave. How dare, then, a teacher to tell them what to do, if he is no more than a pringao, a clown and an asshole, in juvenile terminology today day? Not all teenagers react this way, of course. Not even the majority. But it is a thing quite significant number to know that our abdication of the role of parents, to have intended us to become unnecessarily colleagues of our children, may not alleviate it a few professors without authority, frightened and logically lacking in motivation in their work.

In the historic swing social habits, the master of yesteryear could exceed to impose its discipline without anyone polyproteins. Moreover: arbitrarily disciplined student returned to be punished for it at home. Now, we have already seen, to a minimum school reprimand Conatus some parents come as energumenos from the face to the Professor if before your child has not already. We must put, therefore things on your site and prevent the matter from older. If we do, step corregiriamos related problems: truancy, the abandonment of the College, the alarming academic delay, harassment to more vulnerable classmates, juvenile vandalism on the rise, and the site of every thing can not be easier: the teacher teaches, the student learns and parents we educate our children rather than do so much trash television program. Is it clear?

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