Company Product

When we decided to create our company, think about each one of the elements that we have to take into consideration, the product, target market, advertising, clients, but there is an element that without any doubt is what we first observe and identify the company and the product itself, is the logo. Every company needs a logo, through which people can identify the product, the use of proper colors, shape, size, design itself should be the most striking and consistent with the product that will take you. The logo comes to represent the symbol through which the company is being released. It must be printed on all forms of enterprise, envelopes, etc. The ideal logo is going in accordance with the company’s name, often happens that the logo and brand are one single, is how large logos are linked to big brands and large enterprises.

The logo must be the visual image of a company, many times just to see the logo, we already know that we are talking about, even more so if the logo is a form, or a letter, for example the logo of the NIKE brand, that if we think of your v-shape, with only see already we remind that brand in particular refers. This is the idea when designing a logo for our company, as well as being simple, remaining in the memory of people. Another similar case is what happens with the company MC Donald s, who with his yellow M, stands out and is recognized even by children, identifying the logo with the burgers, in this case the logo works alone, and that is what we must achieve. Below will point out some features that must have a logo. The logo must be attractive, this feature is based on the impact produced on customers, which call them the attention and are attracted to consume the product.

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