Construction Machinery

SERVICE AND LITERACY Presale specials purchasing machinery, beware: Pre-delivery service and must be carried out properly. Pay attention to how much is completed base of service and whether specialists able to conduct necessary repairs and MOT. Presale special equipment (for example, the company's dealer CVH MANITOU) On presale goes from 3 to 12 hours depending on the model, and hence, the complexity of the embodiment of the lift. If we are talking about Telehandlers nominal capacity of 4 tons and a lifting height of 18 meters, then the pre-sale preparation takes seven hours. Presale consists of two stages.

The first phase includes checking all fluid levels in the car (engine oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil, brake fluid, coolant liquid electrolyte batteries, oil in bridges and even cars washer fluid level glass), a visual inspection of electrical and hydraulic connections, structural elements of the rubbing and the presence of (a) their lubrication, inspection of the wheels. For visual inspection should check the various switches, by operation of indicators, lights, wipers, heater, air conditioner and, of course, emergency and security systems. After This is carried out several tests, including test boom, the test control mechanism portion, telescopes and accessories, the test of the stabilizers and the system alignment machine. Also tested and verified by loader compliance with the standards and steering modes, and parking brake system. In conclusion, the first phase of inspections carried out a visual inspection of the paint booths and machines in general, inspection and functional test covers fillers, made efforts to control the pressure and tightening the nuts wheel cars. At the end of the first phase of employee service fills a specific document, the original of which sent, and stored at the factory.

The second stage includes the direct test machine units. Checks operation of the engine and its components: air filter, fuel tank, fuel lines and filters, radiator and cooling system, belts and hoses. After that you should check the transmission: the reverse of the system, the work rate, the system will turn off the transmission, drive axles. Next, go to the verification of hydraulic circuit – oil tank, pumps, hydraulic torque control joints, control cylinders boom, tilt, accessories, telescopes, and compensating steering cylinders, and inspection of attachment bracket. Then check brake circuit, the brakes work the machine and tighten control of the rubbing element telescope. Rounding out the second phase of testing of warning systems, car (beep, reverse alarm, flashing Beacon, etc.). Manitou dealers are willing to provide full service across the range. Customer base CVH allows for full maintenance and repair of equipment MANITOU. This is achieved by having all the necessary tools and equipment. There is also a special diagnostic computer, to identify faults and problems, without resorting to the analysis technique. For repair and maintenance of equipment on the road used car service, equipped with all necessary tools. Under the full maintenance routine means replacement filter elements, fluid control components and elements construction of the machine in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer, as well as repair or replacement of any defective parts and assemblies machines that fail the fault of the buyer or the manufacturer. For example, a repair manual gear, engine replacement or a telescope, or fuel system adjust sensor calibration machine. In accordance with the manufacturer's dealer Manitou offers a complete customer service during the warranty period. The buyer is entitled to choose any dealer for service. Text: Dmytro Lysenko, Head of Technical maintenance and repair company CVH material handling. Journal of Construction Machinery.

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