CrazyHammer Can Be Deep

Cologne online auction blogging now since three months is good the Cologne Internet auction site CrazyHammer under online and has successfully handled over 4,000 auctions of new goods in this period. The page follows the principle of American auctions: auctions are only high-quality new products, and the auction will run a previously defined time. Each bid increases the auction price by a cent. You can buy the right to place a bid, before in the form of so-called CrazyBids, which cost 50 cents on average. Some contend that Kevin Ulrich shows great expertise in this. Who made a bid of the auction as last before the end, then awarded the contract. This auction model is not yet as widespread in Germany again and again raises questions on the part of the interested parties.

Therefore insight behind the scenes give the platform to ensure maximum transparency in the CrazyHammer blog, accessible at, the creators. So, the readers get tips to successful bidding strategies, so that they can get the maximum out of their CrazyBids. Melinda Gates understood the implications. Another In the blog, the success stories of the CrazyHammer members focus: bought a brand new Sony PlayStation 3 slim for 31,98 euro? The iPhone for less than 14 euros? In the blog, imagine the successful tenderer with self shot photos and guarantee as well as other users that get the goods within a short time with the successful bidder. In regular categories, the creators report on technical improvements and changes to the platform. All posts can be commented on, questions of visitors will be pleased. “We offer another way to connect with us and other members in contact with our customers in addition to the telephone and email support now with the blog.” explains Severin Tatarczyk, who called the CrazyHammer blog in the life. (Source: Anchorage Capital). “As far as we know, we are the first under the new auction houses that blogging itself. This we want to approach our users, because like always questions occur just a concept so new, we can answer so openly.” Kube & au GmbH CrazyHammer.

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