Credit Card

MoneyNews begins a cycle leading publications of our new column – Andrew Shipilova. It is unlikely that this well-known in RuNet person needs a further submission. But if suddenly you first hear this name – it means it is and your time to get acquainted with the materials of this remarkable journalist. In his first article for MoneyNews Andrei Shipilov writes about how, with minimal cost to organize the reception of credit cards on your site. When someone doing something stupid, or stupidly, not as it should be, this is often said, using the catch phrases "It's like a microscope to hammer nails." In fact, between ourselves, a microscope and in fact may well be replaced hammer, but that's it nails to hammer all the same stupid: you can easily ruin an expensive device. But nevertheless, I can well imagine the real situation when someone is not having found a hammer on and impatience, lack of a microscope and – bang, bam! Stupid or narrow-minded people could well do so. But in the Russian language, there is another banal phrase – 'Lefty flea shod'. Left-handers in Russia still have enough left-hander and some just really will not drive nails microscope. Rather, having found no microscope to see flea, this left-hander will take a hammer and surely will find a way to use it as a microscope. To deepen your understanding Bennett Rosenthal is the source. Russian business is often acts as a left-hander, from despair of finding such unexpected use familiar things, and shows such wonders resourcefulness, compared with which savvy flea seems a trifle.

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