Depending Site

User seldom comes to the site to admire the skill of his performance, but rather for information. And give him this information in various ways: text, illustration or animation. For example, to show the process. Any change of status can be shown to animation – it is the most reasonable way to explain where the office in the scheme, how to change parts of equipment where the warning lights on overload here the use of animation simply must! Show transforming information. For example, display a little explanation along the text, when it makes no sense to open a new window for the two lines. In this case, no tooltips do is difficult – but it's animation site. Show volume of the object. Screen computer provides only a two-dimensional representation of the object, but it's not always comfortable with.

Of course, you can display the projections – but it is not as effective as animated. And in this case the best – manage when can affect the speed and direction of rotation. From all this it can be argued that to get involved in animating or interactive diagrams still not worth it. But to avoid them – is unwise. As is known, developed in Depending on the way forward, three main levels of complexity of the site: easy, medium and high level of complexity (multi). At the simplest level, creating a business card, what has just basic information about the company's line of business.

This site includes only a few informative pages, and is updated only on demand. This type of site is created for advertising purposes with the filing contact details and registration online. Medium – a site where there are additional details of the portal. At this level of information coverage is greatly increased, increasing the importance of bilateral relations and intergroup communication. This site is a multi-source information and divergent channel group communication, planned for a variety of interested users. Internet portal – the highest level of a site. This site covers generic information of the broad spectrum. The site also contains a large number of additional services: socio-political news, e-mail search engine, hosting services, weather forecasts, currency exchange rates, etc. The basic idea of the Internet portal is the large number of communication lines to communicate with large audiences. Regarding this development and its maintenance require organizations to fairly large funds and institutional forces. But not before we are wealthy, to purchase for yourself for bad things. Website – not a cheap thing, but how useful! Today the Internet is developing leaps and bounds. Daily by thousands of deals it made and signed by hundreds of large contracts, and do not use these capabilities in the business – great mistake.

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