Diamond Crowns

Drill bits are an essential element of the drilling equipment and coring used in exploration drilling. Depending on the material they are divided into manufacturing and diamond Carbide. Diamond drill bits used for drilling hard low abrasive, solid and fractured rock. Single-walled diamond drill bits used to drill rocks VIII – IX category, and diamond-impregnated crown – the rocks of IX – XII categories of drillability. Carbide drill bits find their way to drill soft rock and rock-hard. These bits are used for core rotation – stroke method of drilling.

Depending on the type of rock used one or another brand of hard drill bits. All are made from suitable materials and have a different shape cutters. Our product range company to create a robust scheme of the process of drilling in all conditions. Currently, drilling equipment has a wide range of applications in the mining industry. Diamond drill bits – an integral part Modern drilling equipment. They offer high performance, durability and high wear resistance.

Our company develops, manufactures and markets a full range of rock-breaking tool. Our high-quality diamond drill bits for drilling are popular with our customers. In our arsenal are single and impregnated diamond drill bits designed for drilling rocks of all existing species, density, and any grit. We produce only high-tech products. At customer's request can be made exclusive diamond drill bits supplied by the drawings, and and equipment for drilling equipment of foreign manufacturers, or custom size diamond drill bits. We always consider the interests of our customers and are willing to operate in a profitable cooperation. Matrix modern diamond bits for drilling core is a ring of metal alloy, which houses the diamonds. In the manufacture of a diamond crown on the surface of a matrix inner end is soldered to the steel hull. In the diamond crown of different types of appearance of the matrix is determined primarily by the construction of the washing system, as well as the shape and location of end diamonds. The form of end matrix is chosen in accordance with a special appointment crowns. Figure 1 shows the various forms of diamond bits, which are used in the practice of core exploration drilling. Flushing diamond crown system – a set of design elements to ensure the passage of drilling fluid through the crown, its cooling and removal of sludge from the end of the crown during drilling. Matrix Diamond Crowns serves to secure the diamonds in the crown. The properties of the matrix is strongly dependent performance crown as a whole.

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