Digital Photomontage

Historical background photo-montage as a method born almost simultaneously with the first photo, I mean, roughly in 1839 or later. The first craftsmen doing photo montage using primitive tools at hand – scissors and glue, and all just for pleasure. Only later, some enterprising people made out in this method is enormous potential, with which you can draw the eye simple layman, that he then reached out to the cashier for a ticket to a particular theatrical play, or buy this or that gizmo in the store. Thus, photomontage has received a huge boost in their development and often flaunted in advertising brochures, posters, on the pages of the first newspapers and magazines. Already the 20 th century photomontage became very common in the Soviet Union, where the main figures, photographers , gg Klutsis, vb Koretsky, lm Lissitzky, in his skill and Photoshop skill gave the rest of the world "a light". With the mass proliferation of digital technologies, descendants of the first craftsmen Photomontage gained a powerful tool – the computer along with software applications photo editing.

A new kind of Photoshop – digital photo montage, which is fully supplanted mechanical Photomontage. That is what has enabled unlike their grandfathers and great-grandparents give their Photomontage previously implying from a rough mix of pieces from different photographs, where the borders of gluing were always visible to the naked eye – to create the illusion of a holistic picture. Now only with great difficulty and for rare exception everyman could be seen in some Photomontage illusion and intellect.

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